I see more people who are impatient recently than before. I hear words like those: “What am I going to do next, Gen-san?”” How long should I wait? “” Where should I go after this is over?”. It makes me want to say” A moment, please. Won’t you calm down?”. It must be because it’s the internet age now.


It is an art to wait. You are restless and irritated when you have a lot of idle thoughts:”I must do this””It should have been better if I had done in that way”.


While I wait, I am empty. I am a vacant vessel. I cannot understand what comes into this vessel. Some juice, liqor, water, boiled rice, meat, or vegetables? You cannot handle real matters because you think about unnecessary things and because you worry too much in your small brain.


You can’t catch it being surprised that a fish enters into the vessel when you think some water should be poured. You should make it empty. Whatever comes into it, you must accept the thing.


It’s such a thing to wait. I receive anything. It’s the joy that is filled with.