Purpose of establishing ”Kakekomidera”


In Japan, there have been many people suffering from such troubles as domestic violence, multiple debts,
wish for suicide , stop-at-home, lacking companies which accept the exprisoners.


There existed public consulting services for each trouble, but we didn’t have a consulting instituion which accepted various problems in one place like a general hospital.


We didn’t have the expert who could show the way for people who didn’t know
what consulting services to go ,for men who had more than two problems at the same time,
for example, domestic violence and debts.
Public institution can hardly intervene in domestic cases because of “the Civil affair neutrality”
by the Japanese Law, moreover, there are few places for consultation to assailants.


So Hidemori Gen, the former money-mad president of company of dispatch business and the unusual person who knew well the dark side of society,decided to establish a consultation institution called ”Kakekomidera”,which deals with any kind of other people’s troubles even without distinction between victims and assailants, which treats troubles which can’t be received at the government office ,which aims to settle problems to be concrete (unless they are illegal).


And January 8th 2002, he estblished an institution commonly named “Kakekomidera”※Social Minority Association (NPO)※.
Since then he has saved more than twenty thousand people.




※July 7th 2011, the NPO turned into “The General Incorporated Association Nippon Kakekomidera”.
November 1st 2012, it obtained “The Public Interest Incorporated Association Nippon Kakekomidera” by being authorized by Cabinet Office of Japan.

Whatever names change,the activity itself never changes※



Our aims


The purpose of “Kakekomidera” is “saving the one person just in front of myself”.

Such a salvation piles up, and as a result,the hearts of the people are more stable,the people are
more enlightened,the protection of human rights advances, crimes decrease,the social order improves.

They are our aims.



Concrete targets


We will…

1  make consultation service to be done for 24 hours a day for 365 days a year in Kabukicho.
2  increase opportunities to give more lectures and workshops by Hidemori Gen.
3  train “Kakekomidera” counselors.
4  let more people know our activities on the internet and by e-mails.
5  establish more “Kakekomidera” in other places than Kabukicho.



Exective Board Members


Directors(as of 1 November, 2011)


Kimindo Kusaka: critic
Hidemori Gen: representive of Nippon Kakekomidera
Katsuo Nakamura: director of Nippon Univercity, representative director of Yoko Co., Ltd.
Isamu Nitta: former chief of police of Osaka,former Sri Lankan ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary
Tadashi Miyazaki: adviser of Nippon Zaidan, former branch manager of Kyodo News Service,Tokyo
Tsugio Yada: lawyer, former prosecutor at special investigation department of Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office
Takahiro Yamada:chief director of Motorboat kyoso Hoan Kyokaiformer ,former chief of police of Hokkaido




Takami Ouchi: policy staff of Kosonippon

Kakuji takano: representative of Takano General Accounting Firm, certified public accountant



Contact to Nippon Kakekomidera


The Kabukicho headquarters “Kabukicho Kakekomidera”

Name: Public Interest Incorporated Association Nippon Kakekomidera

Address: 2-42-3 Kabukicho,Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo 160-0021 Japan

E-mail address:  info@nippon-kakekomidera.jp


Sendai Branch “Kokubuncho Kakekomidera”

Name: Sendai Branch of Public Interest Incorporated Association Nippon Kakekomidera

Address: Sasho-daini-bldg.3F, 3-6-12 Kokubuncho, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi 980-0803 Japan

E-mail address:  info@nippon-kakekomidera.jp