One day a male volunteer dropped in on Kakekomidera and said” The other day when I cleaned here, it occured to me that I would pick up garbage in Kabukicho other than rainy days “. I suggested him to try to do without taking a day off if it’s rainy or not when you would do it anyway. I didn’t force him to strain himself. My suggestion meant,”Do it for at least one year,and you can renew your philosophy “. He nodded to me,and since next morning he has cleaned around his house. He has practiced it for at least five minutes even at the time of the bad weather.


One neighbor after another became to say “Thank you” to him. This small movement moved other people to become to clean the whole Kabukicho with him. There was the circle of volunteers around him sometime. He has cleaned for more than than thousand days. It’s like his Buddist training called “Sennichi kaiho”※the hardest penance of Tendai sect including the nine-days-fasting and never-lying at nights※.

When I look at other volunteer members, I saw some pass out leaflets of Kakekomidera at a street corner, some clip important articles related to consultation out of the newspaper, some stop by this institution to contribute small change.


No one expects anything in return. He does his volunteer work without an intrusive attitude. He owes me no dollar, I don’t owe him anything either. I take may hat off to him for his volunteer and I renew my will to save people at Kabukicho.


In the present society which the internet went ahead through highly ,anyone takes information in advance, searches the result promptly. He feels as if he has accomplished it though he has’t done it yet, she brings herself to have been there while she has been at home.
Some says “Cleaning everyday? Ridiculous! What advantage do you get?”,some says “Disturbing posters for free? What profit can I have?”
And I say ” You are right. you can get any visible profit. but only the man who has done something knows the joy of bathing the sun, realizes the chilliness of the wind and the rain, feels the freshness of the real world. Only the woman who has accomplished something knows how long three hundred and sixty-five days are, how weigh those days are.
The useless experience at a glance supports himself in invisible way.The accumulation of experience leads to stable confidence.”


Judging from my experience , a man gets another important thing from moving his own body. It polishes the five senses which let him choose the correct path. Anyway start something with your body, continue doing it for a year, and you can update philosophy.