In 1995, we had a large earthquake called ” Hanshin Awaji Daishinsai ” in Kobe. I inquired after my family members and my aquaintances for three nights and days on Honda Super Cub. I remember it like it was yesterday.


Even now there may be people who don’t know the information on all of their family members. They are praying for the survival of the missed one even if it is very unlikely. At the time of the disaster ,first it is a lifeline to be apt to be broken, fuel such as the gasoline isn’t going to be enough, various supplies will be short in the stricken area.


If you want to do something for the damaged area, at first you may make a contribution to a collecting box, after that you cannot but do only what you can do.


You should raise a child well, you should work without being truant, you should do volunteer work if you have worked as a volunteer somewhere, you should be careful about your physical condition never to catch a cold, you should make money and pay a tax to Japan that brings a part of it to the stricken area for reconstruction.


Supprt yourself well, and you will be able to save one man , and to become a man who can give another person a human warmth.


It surely exists what you can do. Let’s do it together.