Various kinds of exprisoners have come to Kakekomidera .Some I met for the first time said ,”Do you give me money ?”,some said ”Give me something to eat”. Unfortunately we don’t distribute boiled rice , in the first place we aren’t able to afford to give any valuable thing.


Meanwhile, there are ones who seriously want to start their lives over again.
They mostly don’t have a friend and an acquaintance, and can’t find a job. No matter how they try to work in earnest , they can’t seize a clue to get back in the right track. They come here and say “What should I do, Gen-san?” They are serious. I can feel their earnest.


On the other day, a man with an intent look came to me. As soon as I talked with him, I felt he could recover himself. I left him on a reliable man who ran a restaurant in a certain local town. I think a man should act immediately if he decides it once. It depends on intuition that has been cultivated by experience.


The counselee was surprised why I did it to a stranger like him. I believe it’s all right when I think you are in earnest. I let him swear that he wouldn’t resign work at least for half a year. All I want to say was just ”Never betray my trust ”.


I don’t always let exprisoners get work. I can see through them if they are half-way men or not.There was sincerity within him at that time. Furthermore, I found myself of the past in that man.


A real heart moves a man. If you want to start afresh, be a man whom others can think you will get back on the right track. And you can open up your future.